Vic Mensa – “Diplomatic Immunity” Lyrics

Turn my voice up a little bit
You know I had to do it, I just remade the beat off YouTube
Shout out to the Lex Luger drum kit

(Verse 1)
It’s my revenge!
Diplomatic immunity, f*ck ’em
Backstabbing n*gg*s even for screwing me
Like they just went through puberty, f*ck ’em
Shout my n*gg* Bada$$ for telling them who’s the new Joe in town
Do the Yung Joc motorcycle dance it’s going down
Since rappers tried to claim my lane like I was Lois now
I put this punk sh*t in the zeitgeist double Sex Pistol
Still a threat from a distance like a Korean missile
Hard to be official, you all sound like Youtube remakes
Remade the beat off Youtube though f*ck it, it’s just a mixtape
Go buy a squatty potty, boy you need to get your sh*t straight
I put the African face on my chain like I’m Kunta Kinte
Trendsetter, been better than these Cinderellas
Call me Vino Valentino and the V’s for Vendetta
You hide behind a mask on Twitter and remain anonymous
Fake like it’s all Love And Hip-Hop shows till they push the Joe button and you get punched in your face as a consequence
And jump right back on Live capping with confidence
Famous for putting your hands on women, you can’t be proud of it
Don’t try to f*ck wit me shorty, just stay monogamous
We from polar opposites, I’m from that South pole
Where that pole is always popping sh*t
You more like Papa Doc and sh*t
I see the future like I was at The Shelter
Race wars Helter Skelter
White addicts like Griselda
That’s why my lyrics be blacker than Idris Elba
I feel like I’m the link just like The Legend of Zelda
I really get excited these days
My therapist is tired these days
My brain is wired these days
Me and my dawgs don’t know how to behave, we know how to be paid like the MBA
Not the NBA and the NFL are the new Willy Lynch show ya how to be slaves
Racism exists, ’till Kaepernick plays
Michael Vick is a Uncle Tom saying cut off his ‘fro and make it fade
You should fight the system instead of fighting a dog
Dawg–really, you out your frame n*gg*
Jump around with the white boys like House of Pain n*gg*
Thinkin’ they love you, they stripped you of everything n*gg*
And now these rappers talkin’ about some “gang, gang” n*gg*
You ain’t no gang member, they get paid to protect you
I’m playing FIFA on the corner and you made me finesse you
And with the flow, I’m victorious like David, I’m Beckham
I can peck them at the London function
sh*ttin’ on tape, wiping my rectum, no peseco in my section
This is strictly Ace of Spaces, gold bottle regalia
Golden like I’m Jill Scott, I spit the Gospel Mahalia
At the table with my apostles, taking shots at your area
Your firearms are too short to box with God
Pick a side or you get ate like an octagon
Or decide to stay like Rufus and Chaka Khan
And we put 50k on your face like a pacaran
Watch how quick the minutes tick when you’re runnin’ out of time
Tell Flex drop a bomb, I’m the prodigal son, I gotta shine
Solar eclipse, blind n*gg*s like a dollar sign
Then I Dip with the Roc like when Cam’ron was signed


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JAY-Z Talks #MeToo & Trump “Shithole” Comment With Van Jones

JAY-Z is the first ever guest on Van Jones’ new show on CNN premiered on Saturday (Jan 27th).

Hov has been getting very candid in his interviews lately opening up about his private life and a bunch of other topics like politics in the age of Trump. During his sit down with Van Jones, JAY-Z spoke openly his the #MeToo movement, his marital struggles and Trump’s infamous “shithole” comment where he called countries in Africa that term. The “4:44” rapper calls the comments hurtful but says there needs to be a dialog if we are going to have any meaningful impact on racism in America.

“It’s like disappointing and hurtful, it really is hurtful more or so, everyone feels anger, but after the anger it’s really hurtful because he’s looking down on a whole population of people and you’re so misinformed because these places have beautiful people and have beautiful everything,” JAY-Z said on The Van Jones Show aired on CNN. “This is the leader of the free world speaking like this.”

JAY-Z added that this is something that’s been going on behind closed doors and made references to Donald Sterling’s infamous racist rant that ended up causing him to loose his NBA team, LA Clippers. “On the other side this has been going on this is how people talk, this is how they talk behind closed doors,” he said. “There was a moment when Donald Sterling had been exposed as a racist on this private phone conversation he was having and they took his team from him. It’s ok that’s one way to do it. But another way to do it is let him have his team and then let’s talk about it together and maybe some penalties. Because once you do that, all the other closet racists run back in the hole. You haven’t fixed anything. What you’ve done is spray perfume on the trash can.”

The rap legend delve a little deeper into the hot button issue of racism where he compared it to a trash can that will breed a superbug if you don’t disposed of it.

Watch a portion of the interview below.

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CJ Fly & Nyck Caution – “Kold Killah 13” Lyrics


(Verse 1)
Livin’ every day like no tomorrow try my best not to dwell
‘Til my style got the, everything it was swell, well
Most ‘squitos wanna be fly
Once sold like a clerk, not the clarks in my wallabee size
I mean, who other besides us?
Get the honeys, then get buzz like a bumblebee hive
I be high, but I try to behave
This for my fam in the building that be hungry that just try to relate
They try to blame it on our race, that the message relays
Flight on the course to get these chips lines in the air, won’t be gettin’ delays
And I’m the one she put on but turn into first place
And I just confiscate, besides I take it away

(Verse 2)
I’m still tryna get these streets hot
Finger out at each cop
We [?], straight lift until our knees pop
Them higher ups is not f*cking with us
Your chance steep like a ski drop
Crazy if you gotta believe me, I got no problem with grieving
All I gotta do is drop you like a Totem, got no problem with leaving
I’ll escort you from my door step, dorks at the court desk
Say that I’m the source of remorse and your score stressed
Lo siento mami, I slow the tempo hardly
This is your moment where you live all of your scar me
I been defensive but it’s time you get the message
You wanna spiral but it’s time to get progressive
Hit my last girl’s spot, but we done with that ecstacy
You been blessed if you messed with me
I wreck records ’til they rest in peace
Reject if you step to see

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Sy Ari Da Kid Feat. J.I.D & EarthGang – “New Malcolm X” Lyrics

The purpose of our organization of Afro-American unity, which has the same aim and objective to fight whoever gets in our way and bring about the freedom of these people by any means necessary.

Yeah, new Malcolm X
By any means, I learned from what I seen
Had a dream, ’til it turned to a nightmare
Martin Luther the king without a queen, nah mean?

(Verse 1)
Nah mean, nah mean?
Still shining in front of the hood like highbeams, yah mean?
It seems, I’m as great as a god
They say I’m the bomb, I got a date with Saddam
As-salamu alaykum, wa’alaykumu as-salam
Cooking turkey bacon but I don’t pray to Allah, nah
Die for it all or live for something
Shit can get disgusting within this discussion
Fuck it, would you risk your life for what you believe in?
The world is cold, at least you wasn’t anemic
They wanna kill me mid-speech, afraid of my truth
A few real niggas left, they hate that I’m proof
My value on demand, niggas can’t ignore it
And if you can’t buy it twice then you can’t afford it
See I’m the man of all this real shit these niggas is claiming
They physically free, mentally living in cages, pray for ’em

Yeah, new Malcolm X
By any means, I learned from what I seen
Had a dream (had a dream), ’til it turned to a nightmare
Martin Luther the king without a queen, nah mean?

(Verse 2)
By any means, yadda I mean?
In the coupe, my Miss Coretta Scott thing
And I swear I had a dream, I had a dream
But it was nothin’ like Dr. King
I know that life is pie, I’m a tiger, I’m pissing on you clowns
Swimming in pussy drunk, pray to god I don’t drown
I’m Mister One Dollar, ain’t got a dollar in my pocket
Pick a coin out the rubble, long travel ropes, I suppose
I expose myself through the music, talking execution
Moves I do, kick dumb flips
Sommersault, mastermind, winter killed spring then summer ‘sault
Summer assault, mash words, mumble talk
I don’t fumble y’all
Look at me rambling as usual
You don’t know what sixteen gunshots will do to you
Two handguns, shotgun user like
Blucko blucko blucko, wasn’t none I could do
I was focused on the movement, wan’ kill me then do it like
We can be the start and the spark of the revolution
Televised through some rebel eyes, hella uncivilized
Dangerous capable individuals and odds, uh
Man, just bring in the pallbearers
All y’all thought we stole from y’all eras
Love them people you call home, equip ’em with long feathers
And make sure they stalk my steps wherever I’m walking, yeah
I’m Malcolm X on the X pill
Dr. King on the jet going to Russia to go see Sweatler
Hope they don’t check us at the customs and the connectors
Or whatever, hope they don’t check us at the customs

(Verse 3)
A lot of guys just overstate the obvious
Cliche niggas from colleges rambling about their consciousness
If you ask me, that’s exactly what the problem is
Politics and ‘Polly want a cracker’ nigga starting shit
I never beg for pardons, it’s the part of lion’s mafia
The horrifying rotting writing revolution army bruh
It’s a struggle with a C or a K
Social worker on the way, you children better behave
And all the Christians want to know if I’m 5 percenting
And 5 percenters want to know if I’m rocking with ’em
And the Hindus want to know which past life is the beginning
And I’m just shrugging my shoulders like my nigga what’s the difference
Still mass murder, I’m Nat Turner on Nat Geo
Who’s lyin’, kill a lion, wear his body like a snuggie
Hot fresh hemoglobin warm the skin of a druggie
And all these fucking fakes around me all pretending they love me
Still any means necessary
Even if it means getting buried
Even if it means getting carried by your closest friends
Rocking gloves at the cemetary
It’s gon’ get ugly, uh

Yeah, new Malcolm X
By any means, I learned from what I seen
Had a dream, ’til it turned to a nightmare
Martin Luther the king without a queen, nah mean?

(Verse 4)
Inspiration lying naked somewhere on vacation
Your whole crew zombies, no denominations
It’s strictly observation, so why bait you
Inflate you with my nature, put seas and extends like the makers
Won’t have to primate your height and states emergencies
Against the wall, head in your knees, somehow we reached this
I know I was walking eager, something awful lies between us
Probably a siren screamer, sky was falling through my fingers
But you see all of these bombs playing hopscotch so close next to you and me
It kinda got me thinking what is life but chugging ether
And loving people and I know that’s hard for you to see
When I say you I’m scared I’m really just talking to me
I’d rather change the subject, holidays enough sweats
And great sex caused the cardiac arrest
And to make it this far we done hobbled and stepped
I done lost a few queens for these here rap checks
You follow impressed, I’m in the jungles with hacksaws
Pushing the carvan inland for actuals
Holding my nuts on the cavernous as a lantern
Scrambling for the light inside your eyes with the fist of mud
Spend my little yearly earnings on a trip to the Nile
and send me the real searching for the real plug
Pray extension cord extend to Adamsville
Well shit ’bout as solid as a willow in the wind storm
Manning the cannons, handing ’em deaf slips lord
Way before my time, feeling like a stillborn
Under pressure like Freddy and god bless you
If you find yourself sleepwalking in on our session
Or find yourself late sneaking in on God’s lesson
Like you got your homework, couldn’t get the last question

Excuse me, excuse me miss?
So you, you got your homework?
Couldn’t crack the last question
Ma’am, ma’am
Said you did your homework, I couldn’t get the last question
Damn, ma’am, please, please
Please help me out

Yeah, new Malcolm X
By any means, I learned from what I seen
Had a dream, ’til it turned to a nightmare
Martin Luther the king without a queen, nah mean?

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Lil Wayne Feat. Jay Jones- “Go braz” Lyrics

Ride with mula
Yeah thats the mob
Come check with Dram
And do ya job

Im not worth of yo controversy
Im not thirsty baby im allergic
Colder than a hockey jersey
Dirty like Kentucky derby
I was lying on a gurney
I dont wanna die early
I was screaming f*ck the world
You was singing like a birdie
Never be concerned or worried
Two girls like Leverne and Shirley
Wake up in the morning early
Tell em that i love em dearly
They say oh my god have mercy
Shining like a i got on Jergens
You can hear my diamonds screaming
Like they just met god in person
Oh my gawd the squard allerted
I confirm it
They hop up like kermit
Come to bless you like a sermon
My house look like peewee hermans
And you know i bought it furnished
Im determined like a turnish
Yall lil boys ain’t got attorneys
I just hope she not a burden
I just hope she got a purpose
That first week was power surging
Oh my gawd the socket working
I been listening to the money it been telling me its coming
Sound like music to my ears like a symphony of hunnids
Mama told me id be special grandma told me I’d be something
I made sure they wasn’t guessing
Made the most out they assumptions
Being everything but simple
Stretch a dollar like a limo
Got a grill in one dimple
Got my deal without a demo

Ride with mula
Yeah thats the mob
Come check with Dram
And do ya job
Thanksgiving is the name
Ice fox to the chain
Rolex to the watch
Motherf*cker playing games

(Verse 2)
I’ve got issue, I’ve got problems
We got missels on the drop
Got a wore from the Bahamas
Let me verify what her title
Brought that wore up in the condo
had a part with fernando
I’ve got condo in dresser
I can’t handle name of b*tch*s i aint f*cking
I’m a bagga
Keep it real, if i ain’t f*ck them
I broke too and get them head up
Got a b*tch cooked like a chef
I had a wore from out the Meth
She like to s*ck d*ck with no mouth
She say she do sh*t with no help
control myself
I’ve been working overtime, I owe myself
I like by b*tch*s thick and quick
They go an lick below the b*tt
I brought a goat the highly grove [?]
To hold out to my shold
What happen on these tours buses like big like nobody know
Got a plug on line 1, had to put ‘hem on hold
Talking numbers trying to see how i’m gonna get rid of that ghost [?]
Talking big money for sure, I don’t trick money to wore
I’m a keeping running until, i’m getting three hundred a show
Yeah b*tch!
Ride with the mic slide on my knob
Get some b*tch*s, beg the work an do the dishes that’s your job
I’ve been sipping, if they say I aint that n*gg* then them lying
I put cogga on the table made her read between the lines
I said stop wasting my time
I ain’t flex it, aint win it, I ain’t s*x her, I ain’t linnix
Credit Card ain’t got no limit
Got a mac with an extension
Wants see murder be a witness
You’ll boyz just min’ your business
Fore you’ll swimming with the fishes
I got the wait
I got the juice
I got the sauce
Smoking the green, really its verbal [?]
So i’ll be calling it hard
Woi, south beach with a bad b*tch
I was just an attrantish
i was just in a honda
Now i’m skrrting in a Bently Jones

Why don’t I use
Oh baby, why don’t I use
Why don’t I use social media
Hold on..
That’s why
I’m way to high for that sh*t man
I’ll be pressing all king of wrong sh*t man
I can’t follow ten, two f*cking directions
Every-time I try to f*cking order something
ahh, you know what I mean
If it got two extra f*ck*ng extra screens that you gonna go through
I’m straight
Know what I mean
Like that’s it
It’s just too much
Probably got to be the same button to press to accept the sh*t or deny
I wouldn’t know
That’s why
That’s why I don’t f*ck with social media
It ain’t no other reason
You know
Probably people feel like I have a real strong reason
Like, no cause
I want this or that
Nah man
I jus’ don’t know how and I’ll be way too twisted
Like way too twisted to be f*ck*ng with non a that
I don’t really text non a that
Just talk
I’m just not text savvy
I’m sorry
Baby you come sit down with me and smoke once you got some time

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Kodak Black Says Stolen Gun Not His Wants It Tested For His Prints

Kodak Black says the gun found at his home last week is not his.

The Pompano Beach rap star was arrested at his home in Florida on January 19th and slapped with seven felony charges ranging from grand theft of a firearm to child endangerment. Cops got a search warrant for the rapper’s house when a fan called authorities after seeing drugs and gun in close proximity to a child while Kodak was on Instagram Live. The “Tunnel Vision” MC was live streaming on IG when cops converged on his home.

His attorney, Bradford Cohen, files documents requesting that the judge ordered the testing of the firearm to see if Kodak Black’s finger present is on it. Sources say the rapper denies that the firearm is his and wants the charges dropped. He was also denied bail when he appeared before a judge in the Broward County criminal court. It’s unclear if the judge will approve the request.

Kodak Black is facing years in prison if found guilty of the new charges laid out against him. Project Baby rapper was serving a year sentence on house arrest and was on probation at the time of his arrest. One of the charges laid against him is probation violation. Cohen also argued that there were no body cam footage from police officers who raided the rapper’s home last week.

Kodak’s next court date is set for February 23 where he will like again requested bail. His legal situation looks grim since he is also awaiting trial for a separate sexual misconduct case following an indictment in October last year. The case also carries stiff penalties in Florida if found guilty. Despite his legal troubles over the past year, Kodak had an impressive year musical. He released his new album Project Baby 2 and quite a few new solo records.

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Beenie Man – Money Friend [New Music]

Beenie Man jump on the African Gal Riddim with “Money Friend.”

The dancehall legend debut his first new single “Money Friend” of the new year. The track was produced by Jay Icon Productions and features the Doc deejaying about being keeping his bank account close to his heart. “My real frien’ name start with a “M” with a “Y” at the end / So mi min’ pon mi money and mi money pon mi mind / Well mi nuh have no problem,” Beenie Man sings. Get the full lyrics here.

Even with four decades in the business under his belt, Beenie Man is showing no signs of slowing down. Last year, he released a ton of new hits and toured extensively internationally. Listen his new song “Money Friend” below and leave your comments.

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Arin Ray Feat. DRAM – Commiunication Lyrics

I’m still trying to get through my

Well I’m still trying to get through
You’re still my love, love (love)
time will be finally confused
Cause you’re still my love, love (love)
You’re still my love
I’ve got you my baby
I’ve got you my baby
I’ve got you my baby
I’ve got you my baby
You’re still my love
I’ve got you my baby
I’ve got you my baby
I’ve got you my baby
I’ve got you my baby

(Verse 1)
I know better
Know better than to leave my trust in a team?
I know better than to cheat
you deserve the best from me
I’ll always take the lead
I look you taste
I love your wild
I love your confidence
In return I know you need an honest man (honest man)
No more withstanding[?] it just so hard to let you go
You got me so bad, so bad (so bad)

Well I’m still trying to get through
You’re still my love, love (love)
Time will be finally confused
Cause you’re still my love, love (love)
You’re still my love
I’ve got you my baby
I’ve got you my baby
I’ve got you my baby
I’ve got you my baby
You’re still my love
I’ve got you my baby
I’ve got you my baby
I’ve got you my baby
I’ve got you my baby

(Verse 2)
I can lay roses at your feet
Its only more [?] to do than whats on you show [?]
But I want you to want me too
And I could move a lil’ slowly
Slower than usually so you know i’m cool
But I want you to want me too
I can perform magics to make sure magics happens for you
But I want you to want me too
An I’m gonna f*ck you with passion
Jus’ to make you cry magic for you
But I want you to want me too

Well I’m still trying to get through
You’re still my love, love (love)
time will be finally confused
Cause you’re still my love, love (love)
You’re still my love
I’ve got you my baby
I’ve got you my baby
I’ve got you my baby
I’ve got you my baby
You’re still my love
I’ve got you my baby
I’ve got you my baby
I’ve got you my baby
I’ve got you my baby

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Watch Tommy Lee Sparta New Video “All About You”

Tommy Lee drops new song “All About You” for his Sparta girls.

Uncle demon is one of dancehall most versatile artist who made it huge in the business in the blink of an eye. Tommy Lee Sparta has released music of all genre: reggae, dancehall, Hip Hop, Pop and lovers rock.The single was produced by Silver Birds Records designed to compliment all women who are in a secure relationship.

Quotable Lyrics:
This a fi di girl them wah always hold dem man
Put up uh hand
it’s all about you (it’s all about you)
My girl
Di sparta gyal dem no regula, dem nuh regula
No, No
Do you think about me
Di way I think about you
Di way you move up and down
Move yuh body up and down

Watch the video below and leave your thought.

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Damian Marley Travels To Ethiopia For “Speak Life” Video

“Speak Life” is one of those timeless songs from Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley.

The single is featured on his Grammy-nominated album Stony Hill. The music video was directed Jerry Henry and shot in Ethiopia while Damian Marley was on the African continent for a tour last year. The video showcases clippings off ordinary citizens going about there daily lives while Jr. Gong walks through the streets. “Speak life, Live a humble and meek life / Ordinary day of the week life / Try to search and seek life / Way up keep your head up and stay up / Even when you sore and pain love / Never giving up till its game up / Keep your aim up,” Gong sings.

Damian Marley’s album Stony Hill was nominated for Best Reggae Album at this year’s 60th annual Grammy Awards. He is one of the hot favorites to take home the award with four other strong contenders, Chronixx, Morgan Heritage, Lost In Paradise, and J Boog. The reggae/dancehall legend already has three Grammys under his belt and is looking to add his fourth this year.

Watch Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley new video “Speak Life” below.

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